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Herba Medica d.o.o., its technology and people, aspire to restore, maintain and improve your health and well-being in a completely natural way. Inspired by and closely associated with monastic tradition of natural healing we are faithful to our maxim, “The right way to a long and prosperous life” or Via recta ad vitam longam in Latin.

Roots (fons et origo)

In the Slovenian Carthusian monasteries Žiče, Jurklošter, Bistra, and Pleterje monks used to pick, collect, classify, test and mix herbs for hundreds of years in order to heal people from near and far. Vast collections and encyclopaedias with descriptions of herbs and their medicinal effects were carefully kept hidden in monastic libraries. Every herb has its magic but not all magic is for anyone. Indeed, Carthusian pharmacies were widely known for their extensive literature on natural healing but rarely could people get their hands on the precious books guarded by the order of silence. There was much excitement when the first recipe for the famous Carthusian spirit first went into mass production and was sold as the magic medicine. It is recorded that many recipes were secretly delivered to the Slovenian monasteries from La Grande Chartreuse monastery in the French Alps, where the seat of the Carthusian order is based.

About us
About us

Friar Bernard (1880-1958) entered the Pleterje Carthusian Monastery in 1906 and inherited the monastic pharmacy from his predecessors with great enthusiasm. He went into solitary confinement for many years to study the herbs and potions recorded in the Carthusian pharmacy and library.

During the First World War he joined the medics’ unit and the unhappy events offered him many an occasion to prove his theories and recipes. After the war Friar Bernard treated his brother Carthusians and patients who came to see the magical healer whose abilities came to be known in places far away. Throughout his life and up until his last moments he was improving and enhancing his knowledge, commenting on old books, customising old recipes and writing new ones.


Our story starts in 1986, when, with the help of the Carthusian priory, we began reviving old recipes from the Pleterje monastery pharmacy. We started with Friar Bernard’s carefully organised writings and concocted the first healing teas called Pleterski domači čaj and Pleterska bitka.

About us
About us

Present: teas, infusions, dietary supplements in all forms

Over time we have developed a range of our custom natural healing, organic (BIO/ecological production, see our certificates below) teas, herbal and fruit infusions, green and black teas and teas for a purpose.

We were also among the first to develop dietary supplements containing hemp, these are a logical development of our business in line with our maxim “Via recta ad vitam longam”. The mission with our lines of dietary supplements is to seek for the needs and problems of the modern stressful lifestyle and try to find concoctions and recipes to alleviate the negative effects and make our clients happy and full of energy.

The success of Herba Medica is based on quality and creativity.

While teas and infusion require knowledge of herbs and their synergetic effects, dietary supplements require profound knowledge of chemistry, biology, medicine but also of industrial production and production processes in order to be able to offer top-quality products.

We use state-of-the-art technology and constantly strive for improvement. The development team is composed of highly-educated pharmacists and bio-technologists.

Using natural ingredients of controlled origin, and by operating production processes based on advanced technology we engage in continuous development of innovative recipes based on extensive knowledge of pharmacy and biotechnology to guarantee the quality of our products.

Our corporate culture is based on values such as quality, responsibility, reliability, partnership, adaptability, ambition, creativity and entrepreneurship.

About us


About us
About us
About us

Our offer

We are one of the few companies in Slovenia and in Europe with our own entire and high-quality supply chain for the production of teas, infusions and dietary supplements, from conceptualisation and development of recipes, laboratory testing of products, mixing of raw ingredients, to the packaging and graphic design of the final products. We established a highly efficient traceability system and keep track of quality control records. With such strict control over the entire supply chain, we managed to obtain numerous quality certificates and long-term customer trust. We are flexible, responsive and we adapt to our customers’ needs and our clients’ desires with high-quality products.

Production under your brand name: Let’s make it happen!
We offer you the opportunity to create your own logo and graphic image, and under your own brand! We can produce the final product according to your wishes and desires as we cover all areas in the field:

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Company name:  HERBA MEDICA d.o.o.

Address: Preserska cesta 5, 1235 Radomlje, SLOVENIA

Phone: +3861/562-0603

Fax: +3861/722-7167

E-mail: herbamedica@siol.net

Business bank account: SI56 0231 2025 6936 810, open at NLB d. d.

VAT ID: SI 24503606

Company ID:  3277291000

Production of conventional and BIO (organic) products

About us

Development, mixing, and production of all kinds of teas:

  • Bulk teas in organic recycled packaging
  • Teas and infusions in small filter (~5g) and large filter (up to 1 kg) bags
  • BIO (organic) teas and infusions

Production of dietary supplements in hard capsules of all sorts:

  • Capsules of all colours and sizes, BIO (organic) capsules appropriate for vegans and diabetics
  • Packaging in small plastic or glass pots
  • Packaging in pressure pads for 100% conservation of ingredients

Manufacture of dietary supplements in powder or granules in sachets and bags

About us

About us