Naturally Healthy

NATURALLY HEALTHY is a line of teas intended for our youngsters in schools and kindergartens as well as everyone who believes in a healthy and natural way of life.

The most important advantage of teas from the Naturally Healthy line is that they do not contain any allergens, gluten, dyes or other additives.

All flavours are of natural, plant origin, with the addition of fruit content.

The teas are packed in 500 g boxes adorned with adorable designs, with 20 large 25 g filter bags per box specifically designed for preparation of large quantities of tea.

One tea bag is sufficient to prepare from about 3 L to 3.5 L of tea. Detailed instructions for preparing the tea can be found in the description of each product.

4,93  (inc. TAX)
4,93  (inc. TAX)
5,91  (inc. TAX)
5,58  (inc. TAX)