Teas are refreshing drinks with a pleasant smell and taste. Depending on the type of tea, it can have a relaxing or uplifting effect on us and benefits our whole body:

contains flavonoids (plant pigments, which provide health benefits by adjusting responses to allergens and viruses);
has antioxidant effects;
has antimicrobial effects.

Choose your tea according to your preferred flavour and preparation style:

Our acclaimed organic teas (first in Slovenia and among the first in Europe with certification)
Wholesale teas designed for consumers of large quantities like schools and catering establishments, the tea comes in large filter bags for ease of use
Loose leaf teas for catering establishments or pampering at home
Special edition teas for children, couples in love and specific holidays like Christmas
Our unique hemp teas with other added herbs and flavours; we also prepared a few hemp cocktail recipes for you to enjoy using these hemp teas
Our fast teas, which are made with cold water (iced tea in just a few minutes!)